The Trumbull Studio Audio Control Room

Music Sessions

Sessions are by appointment - please contact us to schedule. Rates include master engineer and additional studio tech(s). The Recording Den is run by professional musicians who can contribute advice, help with writing, act as session musicians, as well as bring in a variety of other talent and specialists to help create the sound you are looking for.

Hear some samples of our production work below.

Call or email with description of your project for an estimate. We are agency and studio friendly.

Copyrighting and Promotion

Once you are finished with your project, let us help you copyright your music and get you up and running on various online platforms, such as SoundCloud and YouTube.

Take a moment to view our list of services.

Record a Voice Over Demo Minute

Are you interested in becoming involved in the world of voice overs and need to record a voice over demo ‘minute’ to showcase your talent for potential jobs? Are you in the business already and want to update your existing demo? We can help assemble copy and coach you through the process of putting together a commercial or narrative voice over demo that you can use as your 'calling card' for casting directors and other professionals. Our engineers will add music and sound effects, and splice your final work together with professional finesse.

Hear sample VO demos below.