In Addition to Creating Audio and Visual Content, We Can Also Help Develop Your Online Presence.

Website Development and Hosting

If you’ve ever tried using a so-called do-it-yourself website builder for your small business, your band, or your portfolio, you know they require a level of technical skill and some design knowledge in order to create a professional-looking and functioning site. Why not let us do it for you? Our designers can create beautiful, template-based, brand-consistent sites without the hassles and learning-curve involved with a do-it-yourself project. Sites can include anything from audio, video, blogs, galleries, social media links to SEO and ecommerce. Sites are desktop and mobile-friendly, and best of all — affordable! The Recording Den's marketing team can host, maintain, and update your site once it has been created.

If you decide you need something more custom, we’ll work with your budget (and some great web developers) to design and build the perfect site for your business, with all the bells and whistles you’re looking for. From Customer Relation Management systems to Inventory Control tools to interactive, immersive galleries, our developer partners can build sites - and apps - to suit any custom business need.



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It's Not Easy Being Social:
Social Media Marketing

If your social media channels could use more attention, we can help you build a successful online marketing presence. One of the biggest factors to a successful online presence is maintaining and updating your social media content. We have done this for our business and we'd like to offer that knowledge and planning expertise to you as well. We can create platform-specific advertisements, banners, and profile images. We will work with you to help spread your brand message with big picture goals and individual plans set forth on a weekly or monthly basis. Contact us to speak with a representative about letting us help improve your social media presence.

Let Us Build Your Online Ad Campaign

Are you looking to advertise on the web or mobile, but don't know where to begin? Let the Recording Den create an advertisement for your company, specifically designed for web or mobile platforms. Depending on the type of ad you want to run, we can provide photography, video, graphic design, voice over, soundtrack and post-production finalization of your content.

The Recording Den has working relationships with Facebook, Pandora, and other popular platforms that are guaranteed to hit target audiences and help foster growth and brand awareness for our clients. We can also create standard voice-over ads for broadcast and satellite radio.

We provide the help and services needed to navigate the ever changing world of advertising in online media. Contact us to discuss your goals, and we will help create and launch targeted, effective campaigns that will produce tangible, reportable results.

Media Buying: Once your ad is ready to run, let the folks at the Recording Den secure your online inventory of advertising time... you will know exactly the targets you will reach and within what time frame, prior to purchase. Demographics can be targeted by any combination of age, location (national, regional, or by zip-code), gender, or lifestyle (types of music). Robust reporting available on all platforms. Media buying standard 15%.

Please contact us for more information and package pricing.