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The Recording Den produces music videos, local and national commercials, corporate videos, PSAs, video blogs and passion projects.



Our Bethany location has a 1,000 sqft, multi-purpose sound stage designed by Connecticut-based, renowned sound designers @SHAcoustics. Using the latest technology in lighting, green-screen technology, animation, CGI, plus post-production studio magic, our video department can create almost anything a script could call for. We can enhance your video in post-production with graphic design, voiceovers, and professionally composed music from The Recording Den’s Audio department. 


Shoots are quoted per project. Please contact us to discuss your goals, and we will produce a comprehensive estimate.


Be sure to check out our Video Equipment List

MultiCam In-Studio Concert Shoots/Music Videos 

Bearly Dead - "The Music Never Stopped"
Live from the Den

kNowhere Kids - "Ode to the American Chestnut"

Lara Herscovitch - Careful Porcelain Doll
The Recording Den Presents

Fleming Jenkins Band - Lit by Lightning
(Official Music Video)

Kat Spina - Outside
The Recording Den Presents

Jake Swamp - Moving Day
Live from the Den

Commercial Work / Product Videos

Red Paper Plane - Products Opening Into Each Other

Red Paper Plane Video Brochure

SciLife VitaYears Commercial

#thecuetube  OCEAN

Other Recordings

Podcast: Right at the Mic

Documentary: What Happened to Daddy Longlegs?

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