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Five Reasons to Choose a Professional Recording Studio over Home-Recording

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

So, you want to record some music?

Here are five reasons that buying time at a professional recording studio is always better than home-recording.

1) Equipment:

Have you thought about what you need to record high-quality sound? Besides a beefy computer and multi-track editing software, you’ll need a good audio-interface that can handle you and your friends playing simultaneously in a session.

Do you have a quality mic? It makes a huge difference, and quality mics can break the bank. The boring stuff is important, too: cords, connectors, plugs, pop-filters ー these make all the difference in the final sound. Even the way sound bounces around the recording room is vitally important to sounding like a professional musician.

2) Experience:

The great thing about a recording studio is that you’re not the first group they will have worked with. They have a lot of knowledge to share. All that accumulated experience in one place is a major benefit of choosing a professional recording studio. It’s not just the industry-specific cords and high-end microphones you’re getting, but the years of wisdom from the technicians and staff. They’re the real benefit!

Did you know that different genres of music require different microphone positioning in relation to different instruments? Professionals can make the subtle adjustments needed for the perfect sound. It makes a huge difference between a friend telling you, “yeah you’re pretty good,” and a professional knowing exactly what you need for the sound you want.

3) Expenses:

Equipment can be bought, but the cost quickly balloons when you start buying the things that will make you sound good. How many dozens of studio sessions will a middle-tier mixer buy? How about professional equipment? If your goal is to produce a sellable record, booking time in a recording studio will be your most cost effective approach. The amount of money you’d have to invest in brand new equipment (or even used; old musical gear retains its value) is well out of reach for most musicians.

One common problem for home-recording musicians is the investment not paying off. Confusion over how to properly use the gear can lead to burnout and disinterest. If you’re not 100% confident that you’ll know how to use it, you should think twice before you buy it. Quite often, huge purchases are made by fledgling musicians who end up going to a recording studio anyways, because the learning curve is so demanding.

4) Networking:

The people you meet will matter. Recording studios see all sorts of clientele coming through and are the best places to put out feelers for producers, artists, or other members. Looking for a drummer? A producer who fits your style? The best people to ask are probably at your local recording studio. These places are generally busy with all types of performers buzzing in and out. A big component of a recording studio is the social element — the community of artists. When that environment is cultivated, as it is at The Recording Den, real connections start being made.The Recording Den is more than a studio, it strives to foster a creative space for local and world-class musicians.

5) Mixing/Mastering:

The technical side of recording is a vital, and often time-consuming, activity. It can be frustrating trying to properly configure your channels, find levels that work, and monitor them continuously while recording. Some musicians have a natural skill for it, assuming they can afford the cost. For all the rest of us, rentable studio time beats home recording for this reason alone. Professionals and sound technicians can get your output sounding pristine without you having to worry about it. Proper setup can be a huge time sink and a distraction from what actually matters: the song you’re trying to record.

Overall, the most important thing is choosing the recording studio that fits you. For professionalism and talent in all matters, the newly relocated Recording Den is the best possible choice for new and accomplished musicians alike.

A short drive outside New Haven, the Recording Den is located on Rt 63, at 127 Amity Road in Bethany, CT. Make an appointment to tour the studio! Our grand opening at the new location is happening soon! Follow us on social media to stay informed.

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I've always used home recording before, I thought I was proficient at it, even used MKA converter to process my music. Then of course I realized that the studio is much better!


May 30


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